• Fuel Distribution and Storage Tanks »

  • Gas Distribution and Installation Networks »

  • Highways Construction »

    One of the main activities of ELTER S.A. is the construction of major road projects. The company is widely experienced in the construction of modern transportation projects.

    The Company is known for its capability to construct complex transportation projects using modern construction methods.

    In most of the transportation projects undertaken by ELTER S.A. the execution of the electrical - mechanical installations (motorway lighting, luminous signaling), signaling and safety (vertical and horizontal signaling, lane marking, information signs, etc) and also protection and restoration of the environment (landscaping of central reservation and islands, irrigation networks, quarry or borrow pit restoration, etc.) are included.

    The Company uses modern owned and continuously renewed mechanical equipment for the execution of the road projects, as well as experienced engineering staff, capable of fulfilling the engineering and construction of infrastructure transportation projects, within the framework of the modern technological conditions, implementing creative solutions, innovative methods, state - of - the - art technology and modern management techniques.

    The Company utilizes the services of its subsidiary, "EDRASOMICHANIKI S.A." for the execution of the specialized foundation works.

  • Hydraulic / Sewage / Irrigation Projects »

    One of the main activities of ELTER S.A. is the construction of hydraulic projects. The Company has accumulated experience and expertise in the design and construction of water supply works, irrigation works, sewage and rainwater drainages and flood protection works, such as dams, aqueducts, pumping stations, diversion tunnels, water supply pipelines, sewerage and drainage of all kinds, biological treatment plants, water and waste treatment installations, flood control projects, etc.

  • Special Buildings and Sport Complexes »

    One of the main activities of ELTER S.A. is the construction of buildings. The Company has great experience in constructing contemporary building projects, such as:

    * Offices
    * Educational complexes
    * Sport centers
    * Housing
    * Industrial premises
    * Warehouses
    * Auxiliary buildings

    Moreover, it possesses quite significant experience in repairing, restoring and renovating traditional buildings.

  • Environmental Protection Projects »

  • Industrial Construction Projects »

  • Port Facilities and Underwater Projects »

    One of the main activities of ELTER S.A., featuring increased participation in its yearly turnover, is the design and built of port works and undersea installations.

    The Company has the requisite organization to design and construct large sea projects and has also the ability to finance and manage marine installations such as marinas, private ports, anchorages, and in general all activities related to the development of the unique Greek natural wealth, which is the 3.000 islands and the 17.000 km of coastlines.

    Nowadays, Greece is facing major problems in its ports' infrastructures, mainly related to the commercial part of the ports (delays especially during peak seasons, poor quality of services and increased dangers). The Company is prepared to undertake the projects that will resolve such problems and will assist in upgrading the ports' operation. These projects are of key national importance and significant for the wider peripheral development as well.

    Today ELTER S.A. invests in acquiring the proper mechanical equipment such as floating cranes, barges, tugs, etc. and more in employing experienced and qualified personnel.

    The aim of the Company is to bridge the existing local market gap, considering that only a limited number of companies specialize in the marine sector.